2022 CES Summer Camps & Conferences Updates

Wake Forest University is engaged in ongoing efforts to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission in programs and activities that occur on the University’s campuses and in University facilities. The University has implemented the following protocols for camps and conferences that take place during Summer 2022.

2022 Summer Camp & Conference Guidelines and Expectations

  • All campers, staff members, and volunteers for overnight and day camps must provide proof of full vaccination or a negative test 24 hours before the start of the camp.
  • For camps that run more than one week, an additional negative test is required at the end of the first week. This test will be at the personal expense of the camper, staff member, or volunteer.
  • Campers, staff members, and volunteers who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 will be required to immediately isolate and the affiliated camp/program must provide oversight for isolation until the camper, staff member or volunteer can be picked up or depart from the camp. No refunds will be provided to campers who must leave camp prior to completion. 
  • Exemptions from vaccinations for medical or religious reasons are not needed based on the negative test option.
  • Masks are a personal choice based on personal assessment of risks.

Required Protocol Documentation

Each camp/program must provide the following:

      • Written confirmation verifying vaccination records or negative test results have been collected and reviewed for each camper, staff member, and volunteer prior to the start of the camp session,  as well as confirmation confirming a second negative test result for camps that run longer than one week.
      • Written protocols for isolation and quarantine including
        • Chaperone processes for under-age campers who are symptomatic or test positive. 
        • Guidelines for returning symptomatic campers to parents/guardians when removed from camp activities
        • Guidelines for returning staff members and volunteers who are symptomatic or test positive
      • Weekly testing protocols for unvaccinated campers, staff members, and volunteers who stay on the Wake Forest Campus longer than 7-days (and each 7-day period thereafter)