Summer Employment

Summer is calling, it has a Job for you.

WFU Conference & Event Services offers multiple opportunities for temporary employment during the summer months.  We are seeking motivated individuals to provide great customer service for our Wake SHIP,  summer camp & conference guests.  Our positions offer flexible work schedules, professional development, a fun work environment, and real-life experience in hospitality,  guest services, & event management.

Summer Event Coordinator (SEC)

  • This position is for WFU students looking for a leadership opportunity and additional responsibilities.
  • Includes event supervision, conference prep, on-call hours, evening & weekend hours.
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    DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: May 23-August 1, 2022

    HOURS: Variable 37.5 hours work week to include evening and weekend work.

    (Not a standard M-F, 9-5 work week)


    Positions are considered full-time and do require hours outside of the standard M-F, 9-5 workweek. The Summer Event Coordinator (SEC) will assist in the day-to-day operations of camps and conferences. You will be expected to serve as the liaison to a select group of camps and conferences and routinely follow up with guests to ensure a successful event. This position will require you to work with minors and candidates are required to complete background screenings before employment. Compensation will include hourly wages and housing. 


    • SECs reside in a residence hall room assigned by the Summer Conference staff. If a staff member leaves the position, s/he must move out of the staff room and will be required to move off-campus. 
    • SECs may not engage in other paid employment, summer school, or significant volunteer activities without the written permission of the Conference & Event Services Manager. Permission to continue these activities will be withdrawn if there is a conflict with the performance of SEC job responsibilities. 
    • SECs may not be away from campus without prior permission of the Manager of Conference and Event Services. Staff members are expected to be on campus most weekends. 
    • Payroll is on a bi-weekly basis and is subject to a schedule published by the Payroll Office. 
    • SECs report directly to the Manager of Conference & Event Services. 


    • Place appropriate directional and information signage around campus for conferences. 
    • Follow up on all sponsor requests in a complete, efficient and timely manner.
    • Provide assistance to conference sponsors and participants after normal working hours if necessary or obtain appropriate assistance for them. 
    • Deliver paperwork to various campus offices and run other errands as needed. 
    • Attend all staff meetings and training programs as scheduled
    • Promptly and efficiently perform required administrative duties such as distribution of mail, posters, and bulletins with careful attention to detail. 
    • Prepare facilities as necessary for each incoming conference group. 
    • Be knowledgeable in the area of University policies and procedures and be able to appropriately explain and implement them. 
    • Be knowledgeable in the area of Summer Conferences, University and community resources, events, and services.
    • Provide assistance within the limits of capability and training in an emergency. 
    • Conduct oneself in such a manner that provides a positive role model on behalf of Wake Forest University to conference guests. 
    • Perform other duties as assigned. 

    On-Call Duties:

    • Provide on-call service throughout the summer as Conference Staff.
    • When on-call, respond to issues that may arise after normal business hours. 
    • Contact Conference Manager or Director when necessary for assistance. 
    • Maintain an accurate log of after-hours problems that occur nightly. 
    • Communicate effectively with Aramark, Facilities, Residence Life and Housing, and the Conference & Event Services staff to receive and provide daily updates. 
    • Perform other duties as assigned. 


    • Currently enrolled student at Wake Forest University *If you are not a current Wake Forest University student, please forward your resume to
    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Ability to perform minimal physical labor.
    • Personal qualities that indicate a high potential for success in the position.
    • In good standing with the University (i.e. no disciplinary sanctions currently in effect). 


    • Ability to handle multiple tasks and deadlines
    • Conscientious, responsible
    • Very organized, and detail-oriented
    • Strong customer service skills
    • Initiative and ability to work independently
    • Flexible Schedule
    • Energetic
    • Ability to work well with peers
    • Working knowledge of Wake Forest campus. 

    Summer Event Coordinator Housing Policy:

    • Only the Summer Event Coordinators may reside in the residence hall room assigned by the office of Conference & Event Services. If a staff member leaves the position, they must move out of the staff room and will be required to move off-campus. 
    • Any staff member who is terminated will move from the assigned space immediately (within 48 hours). 

*If you are not a current Wake Forest University student, please forward your resume to