Summer Employment

WFU Conference & Event Services offers multiple opportunities for employment during the summer months.  We are seeking motivated individuals to provide great customer service for our summer camp & conference guests.  Our positions offer flexible work schedules, professional development, a fun work environment, and real life experience in hospitality,  guest services, & event management.


Summer Event Coordinator (SEC)

  • This position is for WFU students looking for a leadership opportunity and additional responsibilities.
  • Includes event supervision, conference prep, on-call hours, evening & weekend hours.
  • Compensation will include hourly wages & on campus housing.
  • View the full SEC job description & responsibilities


    Job Description

    Conference & Event Services Summer Event Coordinators are employed May 28 – August 5. Positions are considered full time and do require hours outside of the standard M-F, 9-5 work week. The Summer Event Coordinator (SEC) will assist in the day-to-day operations of camps and conferences. You will be expected to serve as the liaison to a select group of camps and conferences and routinely follow up with guests to ensure a successful event. This position will require you to work with minors, and candidates are required to complete background screenings before employment. Compensation will include hourly wages and housing.

    Terms of Employment:

    • SECs reside in a residence hall room assigned by the Summer Conference Staff.  If a staff member leaves the position, s/he must move out of the staff room and will be required to move off-campus.
    • SECs may not engage in other paid employment, summer school or significant volunteer activities without the written permission of the Assistant Director of Conference & Event Services.  Permission to continue these activities will be withdrawn if these conflict with the performance of job responsibilities.
    • SECs may not be away from campus without prior permission of the  Manager of Conference and Event Services.. Staff members are expected to be on campus most weekends.
    • Payroll is on a bi-weekly basis, subject to a schedule published by the Payroll Office.
    • SECs report directly to the Assistant Director of Conference & Event Services.
    • SECs will be required to attend training May 28 – June 1, 2019.


    • Assist with the coordination of assigned residence halls, meeting space and meal requirements.
    • Serve as the liaison to the on-site group coordinator to oversee the day-to-day operations with camps and conferences.
    • Place appropriate directional and informational signs for conferences.
    • Follow up on all sponsor requests in a complete, efficient, and timely manner.
    • Provide assistance to conference sponsors and participants after normal working hours if necessary or obtain appropriate assistance for them.
    • Perform administrative and office tasks as needed.
    • Deliver paperwork to various campus offices and run other errands as needed.
    • Call conference contacts each day to ensure we are providing the best service to their group.
    • Attend all staff meetings and training programs as scheduled.
    • Promptly and efficiently perform required administrative duties such as distribution of mail, posters, and bulletins with careful attention to detail.
    • Prepare the facilities as necessary for each incoming conference group.
    • Be knowledgeable in the area of University policies and procedures and be able to appropriately explain and implement them.
    • Be knowledgeable in the area of Summer Conferences, University, and community resources, events and services.
    • Provide assistance within limits of capability and training in an emergency.
    • Conduct oneself in such a manner that provides a positive role model on behalf of Wake Forest University to conference guests.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.

    On Call Duties:

    • Serve as Conference Staff on call throughout summer with the Manager of Conference and Event Services. .
    • Respond to problems that may arise after normal business hours.
    • Contact Conference Staff, Manager or Director when necessary for assistance.
    • Maintain an accurate log of after hours problems that occur.
    • Communicate effectively with the Aramark, Facilities, Residence Life and Housing, and the Conference & Event Services staff to receive and provide daily updates.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.


    • Currently enrolled Wake Forest University student.
    • Valid Driver’s’ License
    • Ability to perform minimal physical labor.
    • Personal qualities that indicate a high potential for success in the position.
    • In good standing with the University (i.e. no disciplinary sanctions currently in effect).

    Important Qualities:

    • Ability to handle multiple tasks and deadlines
    • Conscientious, responsible
    • Very organized, and detail-oriented
    • Strong customer service skills
    • Initiative and ability to work independently
    • Flexible Schedule
    • Energetic
    • Ability to work well with peers
    • Working knowledge of Wake Forest Campus

    Summer Event Coordinator Housing Policy:

    • Summer Event Coordinators reside in residence hall room assigned by Conference & Event Services Office. If a staff member leaves the position, they must move out of the staff room and will be required to move off-campus.
    • Any staff member who is terminated will move from the assigned space immediately (within 48 hours).

    The Summer Event Coordinator position is a one summer commitment. Reappointment for additional summers is not guaranteed, but is based upon performance and the successful completion of all interviews and applications required for returning staff. The Summer Event Coordinators’ performance is under continuous evaluation so as to maintain the highest standards. Failure to meet any of the qualifications, requirements or responsibilities listed in this agreement or specified by the Manager of Conference & Event Services and/or committing any unprofessional, unethical or other action in direct conflict through electronic formats or otherwise, with the policies outlined in the Wake Forest Student Code of Conduct, and the Conference & Event Services staff expectations could include, but are not limited to, verbal or written warnings, probation or termination.