Summer Space Allocation

To ensure that summer activities are thoughtfully coordinated, the university has implemented procedures to manage classroom and meeting spaces between mid-May and mid-August. This process governs space requests for administrative buildings, Campus Life, The College, and Divinity spaces. We have created this website so the campus community can be aware of the groups joining us on campus each summer.  If groups are scheduled to utilize space in your building/area, we encourage all space managers to review the following contact information should any questions or concerns arise.


Conference & Event Services

  • Dedicated Customer Service Line | 7 days a week | 24 hours | June 1st-August 1st | 336.758.1755
  • Sharon Englebert | | 336.758.7272
  • Anne Morris | | 336.758.2505

Environmental Health & Safety

  • Steve Fisenne | | 336.758.3427

CES Summer Staff

Summer Event Coordinator (SEC)

  • On-call customer service representative evenings & weekends (x1755)
  • Currently enrolled WFU students
  • Live on campus end of May through the first week of August.
  • Prepares facilities and completes various tasks as necessary for each incoming group.
  • Serves as the liaison to the on-site group coordinator to oversee the day-to-day operations with summer programs.

2023 Summer Space Allocation

Classrooms and spaces being utilized by summer programs are listed below.

  • Wake Downtown

    1502 Main Lobby (Wake Downtown side)





    3509 Engineering Teaching Studio

    4802 Auditorium

    4903 Student Classroom

  • Winston

    No space utilized for summer programs in 2023

  • Worrell Professional Center

    1101 Classroom

    1102 Classroom

    1168 Classroom

  • ZSR Library



    262 Mac Lab

    476 Classroom